24 Hours In Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is not only a historical and picturesque, baroque utopia, but it was also the setting for the classic film The Sound of Music. Any place deemed charming enough to be the backdrop for such an extraordinary film is undoubtedly worth your time. Getting the chance to see the actual locations where this quintessential movie was made is a treat for cinema lovers as well as music aficionados. 

18 of the World's Most Beautiful Cemeteries

One of the best ways to get you into this spooky season is a walk around a local cemetery. Cemeteries are often viewed as sombre places to avoid, nothing that a happy traveller would seek out on their next exciting adventure. While they are places of reflection and respect, the dead have a lot to say about the living. Since the dawn of time, the way in which we house, dispose and care for our dead reflects the kind of society, culture and people that lived during that specific time period. While not all of us may love art, or food or sports, what we all have in common is that we will all die. Cemeteries are a place where people or all kinds can come together, for eternity.

Japan's 72 Microseasons

In my constant search for all things related to travelling in Japan,  I discovered that unlike the traditional four seasons which the western world uses to divide their calendar, Japan celebrates 72 different "micro-seasons". These micro-seasons each are given a wonderfully descriptive name which paints a perfect picture of those little moments throughout the year.

Two Weeks in Australia

Travelling to Australia, practically no matter where you live in the world tends to be a big trip. It's fairly far away, and you want your time there to be well spent. While it's pretty difficult to fit everything from such an enormous country into a two-week adventure if you plan well and keep to this guide you can fit in all the incredible experiences this country has to offer in just 14 days.

Things to See and Do at the Kelvingrove Museum

One of the museums I had been most looking forward to visiting in Glasgow, was the Kelvingrove. The Kelvingrove was designed by Sir John W. Simpson and E.J. Milner Allen and opened in 1901, as the Palace of Fine Arts. It was supposed to be for the Glasgow International Exhibition that was going on that year but after the exhibition, it continued here showing off some of the best Scottish and international artists around the world.

How to Escape the Crowds in Prague

When we arrived in Prague, after dropping off our bag at the hotel, we set out to explore a little and make our way over to the Clementinum Library. The Clementinum is located right outside the entrance to the Charles Bridge on Křižovnická Street. I always knew Prague was a very busy city with loads of tourists coming to visit no matter the season. Knowing this I tried to prepare myself, but I was never prepared for this.

A Night out at the Prague State Opera

The State Opera in Prague opened in 1888 was the New German Theatre. Although the outside of the building is rather drab, it is nothing compared to the incredible neo-renaissance decoration in the interior. The exterior of the building does feature decorations of busts of famous musicians such as Goethe, Mozart, Schiller as well as characters from mythology, always significant in Operas, such as Pegasus, Icarus, Cupid, Athena, Leda and others.