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Glitters and Gold: The Robot Restaurant Experience

Glitters and Gold: The Robot Restaurant Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a bunch of psychedelic drugs in the year 2200? Well, wonder no more because the "Robot Restaurant" here in Toyko is here to show you! The "restaurant" isn't really a restaurant at all. What it is, is a futuristic, energetic, vibrant, exciting, surprising and overall insane display modern, Japanese cabaret.


The show has become immensely popular over the years, and although you can always get discounted tickets last minute outside the theatre, we opted to buy our tickets online in advance. There is always somewhere you can find a promo code for a few dollars off so be sure to scour the web before buying your tickets. Buying our tickets in advance also secured us seats right up front which was definitely a plus.


There are three shows a day, so you have plenty of choice as to when you'd like to show up. We opted for the 7 pm show since this allowed us time to explore Shinjuku afterwards and enough time beforehand to grab some dinner. You can get dinner with your ticket since it is called a "restaurant", but the food is notoriously very subpar, and everyone recommends eating beforehand. We can't say either way since we didn't eat any of the set menu food, but we did see a fair few people handing the waitress their uneaten plates of food during intermission. That speaks for itself.


Once you arrive and have your ticket, you enter the theatre through a set of large, golden doors and walk thru a light encrusted hallway. Are you then lead into the "lounge" where you can relax while you wait for your show to begin. GET HERE EARLY! The bar area is one of the best parts of the experience!


As soon as you walk in the door, your brain may feel like it can't even consume all the information being fed to it. There are patterns, colours, sparkles, jewels, gold and more covering the space from floor to ceilings. The building itself is reported to have cost over $10-million, and you can see why in this spectacle of a room.


Gold shell swivel chairs surrounding the bar and stage area, crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the wall-to-wall mirrors, make it feel like the chamber is infinite. Even the bathroom is adorned with the most intricate paintings set behind glass, backlight with rainbow LED lights. The carpet is a floral oriental rug design but is made from plexiglass and light from below to give it a brigher effect. There is a small bar towards the back of the room where you can order fancy alcoholic drinks and even non-alcoholic beers (which I very much appreciated!)


About a half and hour before you have to head into the theatre, you are treated to a musical lounge act by a man dressed in a silver robot costume. He alone comes out on stage to play one of a few instruments waiting for him. You'd expect him to play some loud, thumping dance music based on his look, but instead, he serenades you with 80's pop ballads and Japan's favourite - Michael Jackson.


I loved this part and could have listened to this emotuonless robot play us memorable songs all evenings.


When it's finally time to descend into the basement to watch the show you are allowed to gather up any drinks you'd purchased and bring them down with you. This is also the best time to use the bathroom since the one in the lounge is much better than the one in the basement. Which yes, is where you're going.


You descend floor and after floor, feeling like you're never going to get to the bottom. Luckily, each staircase is decorated with the same fanciful (and sometimes scary) decor as the rest of the place and makes even this walk a gallery tour in itself.


Once you get to the bottom, you find search to find your assigned spots and take a seat in the tiny, desk-like seats. You also have a few minutes to purchase some more refreshments or light snacks from the giant robotic snack cart. They had a variety of exotic popcorn flavours to try and were the best treats on offer.


Once everyone is seated the show begins....with a literal bang!


Taiko drummers are wheeled out on stage, atop a moving robotic platform to perform a traditional Japanese drum song in unison with some modern music which played the background. The power these drummers made with their movements was so intense, and the room felt like it was shaking with their energy.


As they moved around the stage, their drum bases would periodically light up with neon lights. The robotic platform was covered in bright Japanese shapes and figures, which all also lit up from within and moved to the time of the music.


In addition to the drummers, a few lone guitarists on separate robotic platforms running around the stage. Each of them is playing along on their guitars, all the while wearing Japanese Oni masks, which are meant to be representations of demons or ogres. It's quite the site to see, a terrifying monster, playing (very well at that) some killer guitar riffs.


After their performance, a set of ribbon dancers came onstage. Swirling their brightly coloured sheets of satin in mesmerising motions, all the while light up by the bright stage lights.


After the dancers finish (they are just there to entertain you while the next set of robots gets ready to come onstage) large bars with chains were set up in front of the audience...this is when the battle was about to being.

Spider rider, Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

This second act was something out of a sci-fi movie. The concept was a Jungle-like world was invaded by robotic monsters, and the animals had to fight back to survive. Honestly, the plot doesn't matter very much, but it's entertaining to see them trying to make sense of what really is a nonsensical show.

Robot Restaurant. Shinjuku. Tokyo-15

Two sets of monsters vs. animals would face off, being controlled by their bikini clad female commanders. They shot fire, where hit with explosions and it was all finished when the giant shark came onstage and each one of the robots leaders.


It sounds insane, and that's most likely because it is. There really is no use explaining these scenes, but take a look at the video to see for yourself.



Because it was Halloween the last act was appropraitely called Happy Halloween.


This act started out with scary, monster-costumed dancers coming on stage to scare the audience. But, soon enough, the monsters transformed into Kawaii clad attractive women dressed as cupcakes, mermaids and other "happy" Halloween costumes. It was a very cute take on the subject matter which felt entirely appropriate in this atmosphere.


Dancers ran about the stage in the most fanciful and psychedelic costumes.


This part of the show didn't really contain too many "robots", but it was so much fun no one seemed to mind very much.


Although, the Halloween dance looked like the finale we were in for one last surprise. Glowsticks! We were each handed a glowing stick which changed colour by staff members which we would way and move to the music and as for as cheer on your favourite robot during their last hurrah!


During the last scenes, more and more robots come on stage mixed with dancers, drummers and musicians. There was no rhyme or reason to these machines, they each seemed stranger than the last. Like a line up of discarded creations made by a mad scientist.


There was drum playing robo-cats, live women sitting inside giant robotic fembots which tramped around the stage, a robot with a massive armature which flung around a girl playing the guitar and robots who looked like old prototypes for an episode of Doctor Who!


They shot smoke from their eyes, hands and feet as lasers danced all over the floor.


My favourite robot had to be the toy horses covered in light ropes. They would rise up on their back legs and almost hurl their riders off in their quick, jerky moments.


Dan and I had been in Japan for a few days, but it wasn't until the end of this show, when we looked at each other, that we said: "now, I feel like I'm in Japan." The quality of the show, the story and the robots might not be of the highest calibre but there is so much heart here you can't help but be enchanted. To think that someone thought this all up and made it come to light is a remarkable task.


There is no question in my mind if you should come and see this show. You NEED to see this show. And if you do, please tell me about it. The whole thing was so crazy sometimes I think I dreamed it all up....


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