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A Self Guided Walking Tour of the Haunted Streets of Jerome, AZ, once the Wildest Town in the West

One of the best things to indulge in during the Halloween season is to make a little trip out to one of the many ghosts towns that are spread out across America. Jerome is the perfect, small ghost town to visit on any road trip through Arizona or even as a day trip from Phoenix, Prescott or Tucson. Even outside the Halloween season this town is full of spooks and scares but there's just something about it in October that feels all the more macabre. Whether you're staying overnight or just driving through, this spooky guide will help you take in all the haunted sights, sounds and scary delights that this old mining village has to offer!

10 Incredible Instagram Worthy Spots you Must to Visit when Driving thru Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, the third largest city in Arizona, is one of the most incredible hidden gems of city in Arizona! There is a ceaseless amount of surprises in this vibrant community. Even if you live in Arizona, you might be surprised by these incredible photography spots that you might discover via a scenic back road, hidden alleyway, new restaurant or quick detour.

Top 10 Best Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

I might just be a snowbird to this city in the sun but it is my beloved surrogate city. It has been my home away from home, my shelter from emotional storms, my warm blanket from the bitter Canadian winters and overall just the coolest place in the USA, in mu humble opinion. Maybe I'm biased towards this place but Phoenix is so often overlooked for those exploring travel to the US and I wanted to make this list to show off all the amazing things that this city has to offer for locals and visitors alike!