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13 Ways Travelling the World in your 30s is Different than in your 20s

As much as we might feel young at heart forever, there are apparent differences between travelling in your 20s and travelling in your 30s. While many of these changes aren't necessarily bad ones, if anything I've met travellers in the 60s who endlessly inspired and excite me, everyone grows old. And how your travelling experiences change are interesting to document and think about as you grow. I love learning from other travellers, especially those who are older than me. When I turned 30, it was a like a switch got flicked. Things took me longer, I was more tired and suddenly didn't feel like I could do everything. Other travellers who went through a similar change were super helpful to me in setting clear new goals and changing my expectations. So I wanted to document this for myself here so others can learn from me and my experiences with travel as I got older.

What You Should Skip Doing in Tokyo (and what to do instead)

There is so much to see and do in Tokyo, and unless you're armed with a month or two to explore it, chances are you might have to be more careful with how you spend your time to ensure you see and do everything on your bucket list! While Tokyo is devoid of "scams" which plague some other cities in Asia, there are some overrated attractions which aren't worth your time or money. Hopefully, this list will help you make the most of this magical city!

It’s Okay to Be a Tourist.

In an age when travel has become more affordable as the world becomes increasingly connected, "tourist" has become a dirty word. People who LOVE to travel will often find themselves avoiding that word at all costs. They call themselves names like, "Globetrotter", "world traveller", "explorer" or my most hated term, "digital nomad". The word "tourist" has seemingly become synonymous with that annoying, loudmouth person who will only eat at Americanized restaurants and prefers overpriced activities over local traditions.