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Prague's Jewish Quarter, Your Self Guided Walking Tour of the Best Things to See and Do in Josefov

The Jewish Quarter, or Josefov as it called in Czech, is the smallest of Prague's neighbourhoods and yet perhaps is the one filled with such intense and powerful histories. Although some of these histories are rather dark, these streets seem to fill to bursting with stories. The echoes along the cobblestones feel like the voices of the people who once called this place home. Many of the areas most important buildings were spared from destruction, and you can still to this day walk through their doors to discover secrets from the past.

Don't Skip this Walking Tour of Prague's Secret Lesser Quarter, Malá Strana

One of my favourite parts of Prague was Malá Strana, or "Lesser Quarter". Mala Strana itself is divided between the lower and upper halves of the hill. The upper half consists of Prague Castle, which is where the majority of tourists flock, with good reason, but the rest of Lower Town has a more subdued vibe. With less big-ticket attractions, you'll find that there are slightly fewer tourists along these streets. But this area is still filled with historic Burgher houses, astonishing churches and adorable cafes and restaurants.

The Top Ten Things to See on a Walking Tour of Prague's Golden Lane

Golden Lane is one of Prague's most picturesque streets. Located inside Prague Castle, this fairytale like laneway of pastel coloured homes was built in the castle's fortifications at the end of the 16th century. To access the Golden Lane, you need to purchase a ticket for Prague Castle. Almost every different circuit ticket includes the Golden Lane and for a good reason, since no visit to Prague castle is complete without visiting Golden Lane.

Walking Tour of Prague's Fairytale Old Town Square and World-Famous Astronomical Clock

One of Prague’s most visited sites is the Old Town Square, in the centre of town. In this one square, you’ll find some of Bohemia’s most famous buildings. There is something here for art lovers, historians and foodies alike. The plaza is over 1.7 hectares large with a sprawling history detailing Prague's gruesome and glorious past. Rotating minstrels still entertain on-lookers, and the square often continues to serve as a place of political protest for locals to give voice to their concerns. Standing in the centre of the square, make a 360° spin to get your bearings and decide on which buildings you might want to take a closer look at or even head inside.

9 Delicious Czech Food you must eat when travelling to Prague

Prague might be known mainly for its fantastical baroque streets and incredible astronomical click, when one of it's hidden gems is the food. Food in Prague, if you stay away from the tourist traps, is plentiful, delicious and cheap! Czech food is comforting, warm soups, roast meat and sweet pastries are just some of the incredible kinds of treat you'll enjoy while visiting this amazing city.

Updated Guide to our Secret Walking Tour of Petrin Hill in Prague

High atop the rooftops of Prague, there is a secret pathway with one of the best views you can find across the entire city. This hidden gem is called ‘Petrin Hill’. Locals like to call it Peaceful Petrin and for good reason. From here you can look out not only across Prague itself but far off to the countryside as well. Compared to the packed streets of Old Town Prague, this park high above is so quiet, and sometimes you’ll be the only one walking its paths.

Updated Ultimate Guide to Visiting Prague's Famous Charles Bridge

After seeing the chaos on the Charles Bridge in the afternoon on the first day we were in Prague, I was anxious and apprehensive of walking across it. Our lovely tour guide was fantastic in taking into consideration our hesitation of large crowds and managed to take us there on an ideal time of day. Although it was still busy on, it was nothing compared to the afternoon crush we’d seen on the bridge before.

A Guided Tour of St. Vitus Cathedral's Incredible Stained Glass

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most astonishing churches in the world, and as such is filled with some of the most incredible pieces of art from across Europe. The best piece of art can be seen all over the walls. The stained glass windows of St. Vitus Cathedral are some of the most transcendent works of art which blend religious history and powerful human emotion.

How to Escape the Crowds in Prague

When we arrived in Prague, after dropping off our bag at the hotel, we set out to explore a little and make our way over to the Clementinum Library. The Clementinum is located right outside the entrance to the Charles Bridge on Křižovnická Street. I always knew Prague was a very busy city with loads of tourists coming to visit no matter the season. Knowing this I tried to prepare myself, but I was never prepared for this.

A Night out at the Prague State Opera

The State Opera in Prague opened in 1888 was the New German Theatre. Although the outside of the building is rather drab, it is nothing compared to the incredible neo-renaissance decoration in the interior. The exterior of the building does feature decorations of busts of famous musicians such as Goethe, Mozart, Schiller as well as characters from mythology, always significant in Operas, such as Pegasus, Icarus, Cupid, Athena, Leda and others.

Guide to the Charles Bridge, Prague

The bridge was constructed in 1357 under the watchful eye of King Charles IV. The old bridge which connected the two parts of the city, built in 1158, was more than due for some repairs. It was severely damaged in a flood in 1342 which lead to its demolition and the construction of the new Charles Bridge, named after the King. The reason this bridge was always so important was that it connected the castle past of town to the city’s old town.

Going to the Movies in Prague

Something not many people think about when they're on vacation is going to the movies. It might seem like a waste of time, doing something you can do anywhere in the world, during your vacation when time is precious. But it is the very fact that it can be done anywhere in the world that makes it so fascinating to experience. Every movie theatre is different, especially when you move outside North America, where the giant movie-plexes monopolise everything. In Europe, you can find true gems, old-fashioned theatres that feel more like going to the Opera than to see the next James Bond.