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The Ultimate Guide to Harajuku! What to See, Eat, Buy and Do in Tokyo's Hippest Neighbourhood

Exploring Harajuku is more than just walking down the famed Takeshita Dori Street. There are so many side alleys and hidden shops you need to explore to get a real sense of what Harajuku is all about and not just the touristy side of things. I’ve tried to make this list an easy to follow walking path from the station so you don’t have to backtrack too much!

Ultimate Guide to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo Japan

When you think of visiting Japan, no doubt one of the first things you'll imagine is walking into an ancient temple, painted bright vermillion, the smells of incense wafting the air. One of the most iconic of these temples is Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo. Perhaps the most visited temple in Tokyo, Sensoji is also the oldest temple in the city with over half millennia of stories to tell.

The Ultimate Souvenir Shopping Guide, Mexico City

Shopping in Mexico City was one of my favourite activities when I visited this city! I found so many incredible things; textiles, interior decor items, sugar skulls, vintage clothing and more! I loved bartering in the markets and scouring the antique stores for lost treasures. Souvenir shopping in Mexico City is so affordable that you’ll want to get something for everyone so I’ve complied a list of my ‘must-buy’ and places places to shop for your friends and family, and most of all - for yourself!

The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide to Tokyo's Electric Otaku District, Nakano

Blocks away from Shinjuku Station, the busiest train station in Tokyo, you'll find Nakano. Nakano feels like the amalgamation of everything we dream about Japan being. You can find some of the best ramen shops, grandmothers dumplings, bustling Japanese shopping centers and the best in Japanese pop culture. And the best part about Nakano is that it's a low-rise neighbourhood, meaning that unlike Shinjuku with it's towering neon skyscrapers, this feels more like a quiet suburban community.

Guide to Shopping in Asakusa

Asakusa is located Tokyo's <i>Shitamachi</i>, or "lower city". The Shitamachi district of Tokyo is a place where the old ways not only survive but flourish alongside modernization. It is named the "lower city" because, in the Edo period, this was the red light district, then considered a "lower" form of entertainment. These days the "red light" aspects of entertainment have disappeared but have been replaced with more socially acceptable forms of entertainment like shopping, cinemas and restaurants.

Guide to The Tsukiji Fish Market

If there's one thing everyone thinks of when thinking of Japan, it's fish. Sushi, deadly puffer fish, sashimi, sea urchin and more! Fish is one of Japan's biggest exports, and the best place to see where it comes from and how it gets to tables all over the world is at the <b>Tsukiji Fish Market</b>. Located in the lower east side of Tokyo, the market sits between the Sumida River and the luxury shopping district of Ginza. Professional chefs and homemakers alike make the rounds here every day to searching out the best for their family and their customers.

Guide to Nakano Broadway, Tokyo

Nakano Broadway is an indoor shopping complex with over five floors of anime, manga, figurines, rare toys and retro electronics along with lots of generic Japanese Pop Culture goodies. If you are into "otaku" (nerd) culture or want to get all nostalgic over retro toys or just are looking for a super neat place to wander on a rainy day you HAVE to check out Nakano Broadway. 

Tokyo's Shopping Jungle: Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station is Tokyo's shopping jungle. Ginza might have all the glitz and glamour and cater to the upscale shopper, but Shinjuku is for everyone. Nowhere compares to it's busy, hectic, exciting and insane crowds, buildings and stores. The streets are dense with teenage girls with dozens of shopping bags piled up on their wrists, tourists snapping picks at the neon towers and salarymen chomping down on delicious quick service food.

A Guide to Yodobashi Kyoto

One of the strangest things about Japan is that you can spend an entire day inside a shopping mall and have the best time! If it's raining and gloomy out or if the air hot and humid, there is always sanctuary inside giant shopping centres like Kyoto Yodobashi! Inside you'll not only find interesting shops to explore, but you can also eat at some delectable restaurants, have a gourmet coffee and play like a kid in the arcades.