Going to the Movies in Prague

Something not many people think about when they're on vacation is going to the movies. It might seem like a waste of time, doing something you can do anywhere in the world, during your vacation when time is precious. But it is the very fact that it can be done anywhere in the world that makes it so fascinating to experience. Every movie theatre is different, especially when you move outside North America, where the giant movie-plexes monopolise everything. In Europe, you can find true gems, old-fashioned theatres that feel more like going to the Opera than to see the next James Bond.


On our last trip to Prague, I wasn't feeling too well in the evening and so instead of spending time alone in front of the TV, Dan decided to venture out and find a movie theatre nearby where he could take in some evening entertainment. The Theatre he ended up going to was the "Lucerna" an old 1920's movie theatre that has been modernised but still holds it's historical charm.


There were new releases playing in the theatre, in both English and Czech. They also featured some classic films and he ended up seeing the sci-fi thriller, "Aliens". Unfortunately, since it wasn't one of the more popular movies playing, he didn't get to see it in the large, vintage theatre but the room they showed the movie in was nonetheless a unique experience compared to most of the cinemas in Canada.


The above photo is an example of what the larger, theatre inside Lucerna looks like. See what I mean by Opera house? It's so opulent, the golden trimmed ceiling sparkles and one imagine you'd spend too much time admiring your surroundings than watching the movie. At least for the first few minutes ;)

All in all, it's a lovely way to spend an evening, once the restaurants are closed and the museums have long since shut their doors. If you're like us and aren't necessarily into bar hopping and clubs, this is a great option for anyone wanting something to do late at night.