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Updated Ultimate Guide to Visiting Prague's Famous Charles Bridge

After seeing the chaos on the Charles Bridge in the afternoon on the first day we were in Prague, I was anxious and apprehensive of walking across it. Our lovely tour guide was fantastic in taking into consideration our hesitation of large crowds and managed to take us there on an ideal time of day. Although it was still busy on, it was nothing compared to the afternoon crush we’d seen on the bridge before.

Guide to the Charles Bridge, Prague

The bridge was constructed in 1357 under the watchful eye of King Charles IV. The old bridge which connected the two parts of the city, built in 1158, was more than due for some repairs. It was severely damaged in a flood in 1342 which lead to its demolition and the construction of the new Charles Bridge, named after the King. The reason this bridge was always so important was that it connected the castle past of town to the city’s old town.