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Where to Find the Best 'Pasteis de nata' Portuguese Egg Tarts in each Neighbourhood in Lisbon

For many people visiting Lisbon means one thing, trying as many Pastel de Natas (Portuguese Egg Tarts) as possible! We made it our mission while we were there to eat one every single day - for research, of course! You'll find these famous baked treats in almost every bakery window you pass by. From mom and pop bakeshops to fancy patisseries, there are thousands of different tarts for you to try! But if you're only in Lisbon for a short time or just don't have the room in your stomach to try them all, I've made a list of our favourite places! I divided the list up into the various neighbourhoods to makes it easy for you to try a tart while exploring that particular area of town. And it was interesting how the different regions personalities were actually reflected in the desserts themselves.

The Best Restaurant in Mexico City: An Honest Review of Pujol's Omakase Taco Tasting Menu

On our last trip to Mexico, we were lucky enough to get a reservation at Pujol, in the Polanco neighbourhood of Mexico City. Pujol is one of the best restaurants in the world, as of 2019 it's rated as #13 so getting a reservation at this place is a bit of a challenge but never give up! When we first booked our trip almost everything was booked for months and months but a few weeks before departure, one reservation at 6:30 for the Omakase tasting menu opened up and we grabbed it.