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The Ultimate Guide to Harajuku! What to See, Eat, Buy and Do in Tokyo's Hippest Neighbourhood

Exploring Harajuku is more than just walking down the famed Takeshita Dori Street. There are so many side alleys and hidden shops you need to explore to get a real sense of what Harajuku is all about and not just the touristy side of things. I’ve tried to make this list an easy to follow walking path from the station so you don’t have to backtrack too much!

Best Spots in Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills are located right beside Harajuku, and despite their proximity, they could not be more different. Harajuku is where you'll find alternative fashion for the experimental youth of Tokyo while Omotesando is where you'll find an elegant fashion, shopping and entertainment neighbourhood. The tree-lined boulevards of Omotesando often remind people of the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Experimenting with Japanese Curry

Before leaving for Japan, I did an immense amount of research on things to see, places to go and, <i>best of all</i>, where to eat! You hear so much about sushi and ramen that you're eyes are trained to search them out when walking around the city. But for me, the most surprising dish that we tried over and over was Japanese style curry! 

Visiting Arashiyama Village

Arashiyama Village is more than the Bamboo Grove and monkey forest which surround it. Taking a walk down the busy streets and quiet laneways of the small town is an excellent way to experience Japanese culinary treats, see traditional Japanese architecture and explore some lovely shops selling souvenirs and hand made crafts.

Eating Yakitori along Pontocho

After a long and busy evening in Gion, Dan and I were seeking out something to eat along the fabled streets of Pontocho. The narrow alley which runs parallel to the Kamogawa River is packed with some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. Here you can dine at any price point and eat almost any type of cuisine.