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Why Visiting Paris in the Winter is the BEST Time to Explore this AMAZING City

Paris is one of those cities which seems more infamous than famous. People either love it or HATE it. But even those who love it, find certain aspects of this incredibly popular city a little frustrating. But I have a secret to share? And that secret is called 'wintertime'. Being a tourist in Paris in the winter is honestly one of the most underrated experiences. The typical vision of a visit Paris might include having a picnic on the green grass in front of the Eiffel Tower. And sure you can do that, but you'd be one in a million others doing the exact same thing. Fighting for space, and lost is a sea of Instagram filters. Visiting Paris in the winter is like unlocking a key to the city. Suddenly everything opens up, seemingly just for you. It's my favourite time to visit, and let me tell you why!

Why You Should Stay in a Small Town in Provence

On my last trip to France, we visited the scenic southwestern area of Provence, famous for its lavender fields, stunning landscape and unbelievable food. Provence has several famous towns you can stay in while travelling, places like Arles, Avignon or Marseille are all very popular with attracting tourists. And while these incredible towns were a joy for us to visit, we decided to make our mainstay in the almost unheard of town of Merindol. But why stay in a small town, that is farther away from all the big sights and doesn't immediately appear to cater to foreign tourists? Well, I'll tell you why and hopefully at the end of this you'll be convinced that a small, unknown town is just right for your next trip to Provence.

Self Guided Walking Tour of Arles in the Steps of Van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh, better known to the world as just Van Gogh, is one of the most prolific (if not THE most) artists of all time. A tall order but for anyone who has ever had the chance to view his work, especially in person, can tell you; his painting are more than painting, they are expressions. Emotionally compelling images of pain and suffering mixed with astonishing beauty.