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Tokyo's Shopping Jungle: Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station is Tokyo's shopping jungle. Ginza might have all the glitz and glamour and cater to the upscale shopper, but Shinjuku is for everyone. Nowhere compares to it's busy, hectic, exciting and insane crowds, buildings and stores. The streets are dense with teenage girls with dozens of shopping bags piled up on their wrists, tourists snapping picks at the neon towers and salarymen chomping down on delicious quick service food.

A Guide to Yodobashi Kyoto

One of the strangest things about Japan is that you can spend an entire day inside a shopping mall and have the best time! If it's raining and gloomy out or if the air hot and humid, there is always sanctuary inside giant shopping centres like Kyoto Yodobashi! Inside you'll not only find interesting shops to explore, but you can also eat at some delectable restaurants, have a gourmet coffee and play like a kid in the arcades.