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14 Mistakes NOT to Make on Your First Trip to Italy

Italy is the one country I've travelled to the most, and written about the least. And today is the start of my journey to fix that! Perhaps there was just so much to say about this beautiful country, or too many cities to count which stole my heart. Either way, it’s time to put my thoughts to (digital) paper and share with you my tips for exploring Italy! I always find when looking back that sometimes it's easier to express what NOT to do than what you should do. Everyone is so different and has different ideas of what makes the perfect trip. But there are definitely some great life lessons everyone can find something to take away from my travels (and my travel mistakes.)

Top 10 Best Japanese Meals you Have to try when Travelling to Tokyo in the Winter

Visiting Tokyo in the wintertime is one of Japan's best-kept secrets. So many people avoid travelling in the winter due to the cold but if you layer on those coats and scarves, you'll be treated to a Japan which is sometimes only seen by locals and those few tourists who make the effort to brave the elements. Winters in Tokyo are meant for soaking in hot springs, visiting Mount Fuji on a clear day and best of all, eating delicious winter food! Dining in Tokyo can be had for as little as under $20 or as much as over $100. I've been sure to include various price points in this list so whether you're looking for a cheap lunch or a luxurious dinner there is something for everyone!

Dining on the Danube, Restaurant Halászbástya

While on our honeymoon, we tried to book a special dinner in each destination throughout our European adventure. For the most part, we're not the fanciest of diners. We love a great meal, but for us, that great meal doesn't have to cost a fortune. Some of the best food I've ever had has been on the side of the road or off the back of a truck. But since it was our honeymoon, and we'd been gifted some money for a 'Dinner by the Danube' we went all out, and I booked us a table at Halaszbastya Restaurant.