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The Ultimate Self Guided Tour of Pena Palace, The Best Day Trip from Lisbon

Pena Palace is one of those destinations which seems too magical to believe it’s real. Atop the Sintra hills, the golden walls, blue tile and red painted exterior of the palace begin to emerge from the abundant greenery below. Seeing this palace in real life is nothing like seeing the pictures. I really don’t think they can do it justice. There is something about walking up those cobblestone steps, which makes you feel like you’re walking into a fairytale, and yet you can smell the flowers and touch those ethereal details

Guide to the Zwinger, Dresden

The Zwinger is one of those historic buildings that is so seamlessly incorporated into the fabric of the city. Yes, it is also a very popular tourist destination, but the people who live and work here, don't treat it with kid gloves. As if it's something precious and should only be viewed from a distance. They luncheon here, bring their children to play and dash through the archways on their morning run.