Venturing to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls

Venturing to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls

After wandering the Falls for a bit, Dan and I decided to venture down to "Touristy Alley" or as it is better known: Clifton Hill. It is no doubt the most touristy and tacky place I have been to - so naturally, I loved it.


But as it was the dead of winter things were a little quieter and the outdoor rides closed for the season. Covered in snow, almost as if they had been abandoned. Very eerie.


A place like this seems like I would be so dated and would fade into obscurity but I guess curious onlookers and unknowing tourists have kept it alive for many years. I remember coming here when I was young and visiting that same Frankenstein house. It has barely changed, except perhaps for a fresh coat of paint.


There were two things we were interested in seeing here. One: Wizard Golf. 2: The Ripley's Museum of Oddities, a modern day cabinet of curiosities.


The Wizard Golf course was brand new and as such, was a remarkably good time.


Not only was it seemingly spotless and freshly painted, but it was also wonderfully designed. The courses were fun, and the mechanics of some of the traps pretty ingenious.


We had to keep being reminded to play as we were spending too much time admiring all the different scenery.



The beautiful quatrefoil window frames separating the rooms were one of my favourite aspects of the decor, such a little touch, but added to that mystical, gothic feeling.


And check out those carpets!


Just hanging out with a dragon - #NBD.


Using a spider as an obstacle...


Those amazing!


We never expected to have so much fun here! It wasn't too expensive either, so if you're in the area and looking for something fun to check out, this place is worth a looking.


The Ripley's Museum of Oddities feels like a Victorian exhibition. The Victorians loved the odd, the morbid, the unusual and even the salacious....and this place has it all.


A wonderfully laid out window exhibit displays real Vampire Hunter Kits from the 18th-19th century.


A beautiful embellished Tibetan Sword


And of course, we couldn't help but stop and visit Zoltar! And this fortune was particularly spooky as Dan’s card mentioned specifically marrying a REDHEAD! What?!! Eerie. But Cool.


And to end the night we had fun posing in front of the photo sensitive flash screen. I love these simple moments with Dan just playing around like little kids... Despite the fact that Clifton Hill is a tourist nightmare in the summer, during the winter, with its lack of people, this place is absurdly fun.


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