All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is, without a doubt, the very best of all the Disney Parks around the world. But not only does it excel in rides and entertainment, what it might do best, is the FOOD! People from all over the whole who love Disney, have come to Tokyo DisneySea just to try their cooing! There is way too much good food to try everything in just one day but with this guide, you can decide what you want to give a go and how to plan out your time at Disney to make sure you try all this incredible park has to offer! While a lot of the food might seem odd or even intimidating to some foreigners, I implore you to step outside your comfort zone and try at least one new thing!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea

Table Service


If you have some money to splash out you can't go wrong with Magellan's. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the park so be prepared to wait. You can always put your name down on a wait list and come back when your table is ready. The restaurant opens at 10am, so arriving around then is your best option for making your reservation. If you have the option, ask for a table in the 'secret room' which is located behind a trick bookshelf which opens up into a secret wine cellar. Magellan’s feels like the regal and secretive meeting place of people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo where they would go on a dark and stormy night to discuss science, art and all things in between. Magellan’s is a fine dining table service restaurant and creates dishes like wagyu beef, grilled scallop salad and Crème brûlée. The menu is a Prix fix with different price levels. They range from ¥4,900 - ¥ 8,400 ($45-$77 USD) but for the food you get this is MORE than worth it! Plus, the ambiance and decor really can't be beaten!

Magellan's Dining Area - Tokyo DisneySEA

Teddy Roosevelt Lounge

The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge is located inside the giant S.S. Columbia ship, which is docked outside the American Waterfront. Inside, it feels like a vintage smoking room from the 1920's. The staff is all dressed in flapper costumes and jazz music plays throughout. The dimly lit wooden lounge is covered in rich textures and beautiful upholstery. The food here is suave and typical of American restaurants from that era. Since its rather on the pricey side, if you want a chance to experience the ambience, get a table and order the seasonal parfait instead of an entire meal. There is always something being changed up here so you never know what will be on offer. You can even order it in a souvenir glass for an extra something to remember your meal by. The parfait alone is ¥1,230 ($11 USD) and with the Souvenir Glass is ¥2,260 ($20 USD).

Parfait Part 2

Restaurant Sakura

If DisneySea is one of your first stops on your visit to Japan and you're dying to try some Japanese food, you really can't go wrong by visiting Restaurant Sakura! Inside you'll find all the traditional dishes Japan is famous for; udon, tempura, sushi and tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet). It's not too pricey either for a meal, set range from ¥1,800 - ¥2,500 ($16 - $22 USD), so you can afford to try a few different options! The interior is beautiful but not Japanese decor, in case you were expecting something more traditional.

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Counter Service


Vulcania is one of those counter service restaurants you just can't believe is counter service! Carved into the side of the Mount Prometheus, is it meant to look like a geothermal station's mess hall, but the food is, I'm sure, much better than those scientists ever got! This is where you should come if you're looking for something Asian to try on your trip. While the food isn't typically Japanese, you can try Chinese dumplings, Shrimp in Chili Sauce, Spicy Tofu w/ Minced Pork and even their new lunch and dinner set which comes with their take on Ramen noodles. Dishes are about ¥980 ($9 USD).

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If on the other hand you're looking for something more familiar to the North American palette after days of Japanese meals, head down to the American Waterfront, and stop by New York Deli. This counter service restaurant is heralded as one of the best places to eat in the Disney Park universe. Mouthwatering stacks of meat piled on top of soft bread and crunchy pickles will make your hungry stomach very happy. The theming inside is, once more, unparalleled! Details you'd expect in a fancy sit-down restaurant are all over the place. Here you're treated like a king at the price of a pauper.

Our food at New York Deli


This little cafe is the perfect place to visit after your morning rush to get Toy Story Mania FastPasses and early morning rides. Here is where you'll be able to find a good cup of coffee to keep you going all day as well as a HUGE selection of fluffy Italian and Japanese pastries. Picking up a selection of a few is a great plan in case you get caught in a long line when hunger strikes!

Pastries at Mama Biscotti's 1

Casbah Food Court

Casbah Food Court is one of the most immersive counter service restaurants I've been at a DisneyPark. Located inside the Arabian Coast, the interior of this food court looks like an ancient eastern bazaar. Intricate fabrics cover the ceiling, multicoloured Turkish lamps hang from the rooftop and beautiful mosaics decorate the walls. Inside, there are a few different counters serving curries from around the world! The best option here is the Three Curry Combo with Chicken, Beef, Shrimp curry served with rice and naan for ¥ 1,020 . This is less than $10 USD! Although the serving size is less than you might be used to in North America, the quality of the curry is out of this world. The naan is soft, the curry is rich and spicy and sitting in the most transporting environment, you feel like you're dining in a very expensive restaurant.

Tokyo Disney Sea - Casbah Food Court



Chandu is the little tiger sidekick in Disneysea's stand-alone ride, "Sinbad Storybook Adventure". If you've ever had a curry bun, you're going to love Chandu's Tail. These treats can be found in the Sultan's Oasis in the Arabian Coast. Year round these buns are filled with creamy chicken curry and during the springtime are filled with spicy beef and cheese. curry At only ¥500 ($4.50 USD) these are a steal and look - how could anything get any cuter?!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea


Down the stairs from the Mysterious Island Gift Shop is one of the real treasures of the park. The Gyoza Dog is Tokyo's answer to a hot dog, for an on-the-go treat! In its simplest form, it is an enormous dumpling bun stuffed with minced pork. The bun itself is like biting inside a cloud. I cannot express how soft this snack really is. The snack only costs ¥430 ($4 USD) and will definitely fill you up if you're looking for something to keep you going during that mid-morning period. This place fills up FAST during the dinner and lunch rush so visiting outside those hours is preferable. But even when there is a huge line, the menu is small enough that people will take your order before you even reach the counter which really speeds the process along! So don't be afraid to wait in line, it's worth it!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea


The Ukiwah Bun can be found in the coastal themed harbour of Port Discovery. Ukiwah translates into English as "lifesaver" which is why these adorable little buns are shaped like tiny, round red and white lifesavers. They are served in a plastic wrap with the image of Donald on top which makes it looks like Donald is jumping out of the lifesaver, so cute!!! But they aren't just cute to look at, they are delicious to boot. Stuffed with shrimp dumpling filling inside a soft bun, they are the perfect thing to eat on the go. At only ¥450 ($4 USD) you might find yourself eating two!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea


Disney Popcorn is an iconic treat but the flavours in Tokyo are next level! And while they might seem a little outta this world they are more worth giving a try. The flavours usually available are; Milk Chocolate, Soy Sauce and Butter, Curry, Honey, Black Pepper and our favourite Herb and Tomato (which is basically PIZZA!). They often have limited edition flavours available during holidays or special events. Speciality flavours such as Strawberry, Milk Tea, Jalapeno and coconut. But the best part about the popcorn are the adorable souvenir buckets they come in. Buckets can be purchased in some of the souvenir shops or certain featured ones can be bought at the popcorn vendors carts. We got the BuzzLightyear bucket which looked like the real Buzz Toy in it's collector's box. It looks incredible up on our shelves so definitely worth the price. The popcorn costs ¥350 ($3 USD) for a regular box and around ¥1400-¥2000 ($13 - 18 USD) for a souvenir bucket. BUT a refill of the bucket will only cost your ¥500 ($4.50 USD) so if you're travelling with friends and are up for sharing this is a great deal! Grab the bucket and try as many flavours as you can!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea


Churros in any Disney park are a popular option. The lines for them are often just as long as some of the rides! During the holidays, the churros are often seasoned with specialty flavours like strawberry, cotton candy or cafe au lait! They only cost ¥310 ($2.80 USD) so they are much better priced than in any of the US parks - worth trying as many flavours as you can find!

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea

Omiyage Boxes

Inside almost all of the souvenir shops at DisneySea, you'll find the most adorably designed Omiyage Boxes. "Omiyage" is a Japanese word which refers to the giving of a gifts (typically something edible) which one brings back to their family and co-workers after a trip or vacation. They are usually impeccably presented as well as delicious. And at DisneySea, they don't take any shortcuts. The tins, boxes, bowls and treats themselves are all so beautiful you'll find it hard to give them away. Be sure to check out the limited edition seasonal box sets, that is, if they haven't already sold out!



A monaka is a Japanese treat, traditionally served with a dollop of red bean paste inside two mochi wafers. Here at the park they have revamped it into something cool for a hot day. Two crispy wafers, in the shape of a seashell, contain sea salt ice cream and a dollop of raspberry filling instead of the red bean. The combination of the tart berries, sweet cream and hint of salt is ABSOLUTE perfection! Grab one of these while you're visiting Mermaid Lagoon as the seashell design makes for a great photo op in front of Ariel's kingdom! I'm amazed they're only ¥310, less than $3 USD if the exchange rate is good.

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea


Toy Story is such an important movie in Japan and they LOVE their Toy Story merch and themed food! One of the most popular items in the park are these ice cream mochi. Mochi are little dumplings made from gluttonous rice and here filled with ice cream in three flavours. The mochis are shapes into the heads of the aliens from Toy Story and served stacked one on top of the other like they would be in the crane machine. Three mochi will cost you ¥360 ($3.20 USD) and they often have speciality souvenir carriers which cost ¥880 ($8 USD).

Toy Story's Little Green Aliens

 Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich

Japan has found it's answer to the classic Mickey Ice Cream Bar at Disneyland, and that is their Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich. Sandwiched between two dedicated cookies flavoured with a hint of coffee is a creamy vanilla ice cream. It's soft, cool and absolutely delicious. For only ¥300 ($2.70 USD) youll want to try ore than one. 

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Sweet Duffy Desserts

Duffy was once a discarded merchandising endeavour for Disneyland. Marketed as Mickey's stuffed bear, it didn't catch on with US audiences. Seeing it's potential, Tokyo took on Duffy as the mascot for their new park, Tokyo DisneySea. With expert marketing, a darling storyline and an adorable character, Duffy caught on like wildfire in the Japanese park and now it is by far the most popular thing at DisneySea. Duffy themed desserts can be found in Cape Cod and comes on a seasonal souvenir plate. The kind of dessert changes throughout the year but is always moulded into the shape of Duffy's head, which makes for a charming dining experience.



DeepSea Pineapple Smoothie

If you're looking for something to drink that's not just the typical soda, head over to Port Discovery beside Nemo and Friends Searider ride and try out this tropical cocktail. Looking at it from afar it looks like layers of the ocean, the top is blue slush, the middle is filled with blue jelly and the bottom has a layer of yellow tapioca balls to represents the ocean floor. If you are a fan of the texture of bubble tea, you'll love this drink! It's ¥400 ($3.8 USD)and comes in an adorable cup!

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For an afternoon pick me up there is nothing better than the Vanilla Smoothie with Coffee Jelly over in the Sultan's Oasis. There are so many layers of flavours, it makes it a joy to drink. The sweetness of the smoothie is cut with the bitter coffee, a fantastic blend. A cup will run you ¥500. Although small in size, it's BIG in flavour. 

All the BEST Food at Tokyo DisneySea

D's Delights Salty Frozen Dessert Drink

If you're not in the mood for coffee, D's has another iconic treat up their sleeve. The "salty" dessert drink is made from creamy vanilla ice cream, with raspberry and lychee puree. Mixed in is a hint of salt which takes the entire sip up a level. But be sure to mix it well otherwise you might be a mouthful of pure salt! For only ¥500 it's a luxurious steal!


On a hot day, or even just as a way to relax your tired body, there is nothing better than an ice cold beer. Oh wait, yes there is - a FROZEN beer! Down beside the model of the Nautilus in Mysterious Island is where you can find this elixir. For only ¥700, if you're looking for something with a kick, this is it

For the first time in this year Tokyo DisneySea's "Frozen Beer" 青空!凍えたビール!そしてクマ!私のシーが帰ってきた \(^o^)/

Themed Convenience Store Drinks

At any of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel's, you'll find their very own convenience stores! If you've read any of my other posts on Tokyo, you'll know that convenience stores are EVERYTHING in Japan! They are no different here at Tokyo Disney Resort. Inside are the typical convenience store foods but you'll ALSO find uniquely themed food, drinks and snacks! Even their bottled water is packaged in adorable bottles in the shape of beloved Disney characters. If you're not staying on Disney property, you can find these at the 7-Eleven's near Maihama station.

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Did this post make you hungry?! It sure made me miss all those incredible foods and miss Japan even more! Let me know what you're looking forward to eating or if you've already been to DisneySea what dish was your favourite!

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